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Address: 3330 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 240, Atlanta, Ga 30339
Telephone: 770-953-3026
Fax: 770-771-5945
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Healthcare Procurement Solutions, LLC Logo

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Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Don McGahee, Vice President
Don McGahee
Jeanna Terry, Operations Manager
Jeanna Terry
Director of Operations

Consultant Team

Our consultants are advisors and advocates for HPS members.

Spring Grissom, Business Development Consultant
Spring Grissom
TN, KY & North MS
mobile: 731-267-6749
fax: 678-293-9560
Jason Shay, Business Development Consultant
Jason Shay
GA & Upstate SC
phone/fax: 678-293-9565
Katie Hamilton, Business Development Consultant
Katie Hamilton
AL, LA, & South MS
phone/fax: 678-293-9563
Bobby Hall, Business Development Consultant
Bobby Hall
TX, AR, OK, NM, UT, AZ, NV, & North LA
mobile: 972-510-8470
fax: 678-293-9556
Alissa Deichmueller, Business Development Consultant
Alissa Deichmueller
mobile: 919-916-7506
fax: 678-293-9558
Rusty Renfroe, Business Development Consultant
Rusty Renfroe
mobile: 407-257-1966
fax: 678-293-9566
Mike Ferguson, Business Development Consultant
Mike Ferguson
All other states
mobile: 214-263-7644
fax: 678-293-9559