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Testimonials from Our Clients

"I am receiving the identical products that I have always used and my prices are 20% - 30% less than I was paying before joining HPS." - OB/GYN Physician

"I really appreciate the honesty and integrity of the folks at HPS and the way their programs do not allow suppliers to play games with prices and product substitution." - OB/GYN Practice Administrator

"As a large pediatric practice, we had been participating in a buying group for a number of years and were convinced that we were getting the best pricing available. When we heard about HPS, we decided to compare their prices with what we were paying. Since both programs used the same supplier, the comparison was very straightforward and, to our surprise, the HPS pricing was lower on virtually every item." - Pediatric Office Manager

"I was initially skeptical that HPS was just another of those services that are long on promises and short on results. However, since joining almost two years ago I have found that, if anything, they understated and over-delivered the benefits of the program." - Family Practice Administrator

"Even though my practice was already participating in a group buying program, we realized additional savings that were simply amazing when we switched to HPS." - General Surgeon

"We have always done a good job of managing our expenses and negotiating with suppliers, but joining HPS has allowed us to get better pricing than we could ever get on our own." - Internal Medicine Practice Administrator

"We were initially reluctant to join HPS, assuming that we would have to jump through hoops just to place an order. It turned out that we did not have to change anything about the way we've always ordered supplies. In fact, the only noticeable change has been the lower prices we see on our invoices." - Urology Practice Administrator

"Even after the initial price comparisons showed very compelling savings, I expected that it was just a matter of time until my prices gradually increased. However, during the 18 months that I have been a member of HPS, my prices have actually decreased." - Dermatologist

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