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KN95 Masks Ordering Instructions

  • Click on the link to the website
  • The site is very simplistic and shows both the KN95 Masks provided by HPS as well as 3-ply Surgical Masks (not HPS) - each in packages on 100 masks.
  • The initial prices shown on the website are $375/100 masks for the KN95 and $100/100 for the 3-ply.
  • Only the KN95 masks on the site are the masks purchased by HPS for our members. We may add 3-ply masks in the future, but need to do further research to ensure that they meet the needs of our members.


  1. Enter the desired number of boxes (100/BX) then click on "Add to Cart".
  2. Go to "Cart" at top of the page.
  3. Confirm correct quantity and click on "CHECKOUT".
  4. On the right side of the screen you will see a space to enter your "DISOCUNT CODE" - enter "HPS" and then click on "APPLY" button
  5. The price of the products in your cart should be reduced to $3.50 per mask.
  6. Complete the Contact and Shipping information on the left and click the button "CONTINUE TO SHIPPING"
  7. Choose the shipping method based on delivery time and cost and then click the "CONTINUE TO PAYMENT" button
  8. Payment may be made by credit card or PayPal - choose your payment method and enter the appropriate information and then click on the "PAY NOW" button

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