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HPS/Intercontinental Subscription Service

Intercontinental Subscription Service

Through its alliance with Intercontinental Subscription Service (ISS), HPS offers its members highly discounted magazine subscriptions. ISS not only manages subscriptions and renewals, but can also provide customized covers for all your office magazine needs. Highlights of the program include:

  • National Subscription Service Offering the Absolute Best Magazine Pricing, Selection & Service
  • Discounted Subscription Packages
    1. New start up 1 year package:
      • 5 magazines for $54.95
      • 10 magazines for $84.95
    2. HPS Members save up to additional 35% off already discounted prices
    3. Tiered Discounts based on # of subscriptions:
      • 1-4 = 25%
      • 5-9 = 30%
      • 10+ = 35%
  • Individually Priced Magazine Subscriptions
  • Starter Package Provided until Publisher begins Delivery for New Start Up and Last Minute Orders (postage & handling applicable)

To learn more about how the HPS-ISS program can benefit your practice, please contact Alberta Daggett (HPS) at or (919) 818-4475.

You may also contact Erica Grevenstuk (ISS) at or (800) 824-6247.

*Be sure to mention the HPS discount code HPS0001.